Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Brand New Day!

Isn't it great when a plan comes together? We think so.

Here we are in beautiful downtown Gila Bend, Arizona!
We're at the Starband rally, getting ready to power up
with a "bigger and badder" satellite dish!

You ought to see it...a double line of RV's in every
imaginable shape, size, and vintage...each one with their
satellite pointed towards the heavens!

Just might attract the mother ship for a close encounter
in the desert! We'll have some great pics soon...stay tuned!

Thursday, December 09, 2004

We're Baaaaack!...and we've got a fabulous 5W for YOU!

Okay. Let's just agree right now NOT to beat me up for not posting for 3 months!
All I can say is...if you've read our page about money making ideas from the road...It WORKS!

I'm so incredibly busy writing for $$$ that I haven't had time to post.
But more about that later...

Note: The Fifth Wheel has been sold!

Friday, September 03, 2004

Remember to Click on the Photos!

Me again. See...I'm already doing better!

Just a reminder...we use a smaller format for the photos to ease your access to our blog.
If you click on the'll get an even better view!

Thursday, September 02, 2004

What Happened to August?

Greetings from Kansas.

I swore I wouldn't have to do another marathon blogfest...but here I am again!

I've got good intentions...really! We've just been so busy, and my writing schedule is really kicking into high gear. Since I do all the driving too...well...sometimes I just don't have time to do it all.

We've been in Junction City, Kansas for the past week. A really looonnnnng week in a parking lot, having some maintenance done on our fifth wheel.

Hopefully we'll be on the road by Saturday, moving on to Washington D.C.

We've got some great pics for you...whether you're an armchair traveler or fulltime RV'er..enjoy.

Yellowstone National Park...and another blogflurry!

Yellowstone Lake. It snowed in the high country the night before...and never got above 46 degrees the whole AUGUST! Posted by Hello

I hadn't been to Yellowstone since I was 3. Aside from Old Faithful...the whole park is one gigantic burble of spewing, spouting, steaming geothermal activity.

Another local hot spot. Posted by Hello

One of Yellowstone's many waterfalls. Posted by Hello

Big buffalo GET any bigger than this? The whole herd came really really CLOSE to our truck. We could hear him grunting. Posted by Hello

The Mountain Speaks if we will listen...Grand Teton

Grand Teton National Park. If you haven't been there....GO NOW! We had some less than great was still absolutely magical.

Buffalo roaming. Backdrop from Central Casting. Posted by Hello

Even with overcast's magnificant. This is one of my favorite photos taken by Ron. Personally, I think Yellowstone pales in comparison. We really lucked out just was NOT crowded. Posted by Hello

If you notice anything odd about this photo...send us a note!  Posted by Hello

FINALLY...(if you've read the'll understand...) From Sea to Shining foreign lands and back...I finally got to see my MOOSE!! Posted by Hello

One the way to Baker City, Oregon...take a hike!

Our dear friend Peter photographing a flower. He's 80, his wife Edith is 77...and they outhiked us. We met up with them in Eastern Oregon (they're fulltime RV'ers too.) In the mountains between Sumpter and Baker City. Posted by Hello

A little rock in the trail...we were hiking at 8,000 feet. Guess who was ahead of us? Peter and Edith. I'm just trying to keep up! Posted by Hello

Is it just me...or is that a potato in the creek? Posted by Hello

Gorgeous sunset over Eastern Oregon. Posted by Hello

Oregon Trail Interpretive Center, Baker City, Oregon

I HAD to do it...I walked the Oregon Trail. Posted by Hello

How it all began...Westward Ho! Posted by Hello

Rusty gets checked out by an equally well-trained bison.  Posted by Hello

More of our new friends at the Interpretive Center. The displays are very well done...right down to dirt on their faces and moisture in the horse's nose. Posted by Hello

Satellite Stud in Eugene, Oregon

Satellite Stud...quickest aim in the West. Ron has an uncanny ability to aim satellites. He doesn't even use the spendy $400 aiming device you're supposed to need. He had our internet up and running in about 5 minutes. This was our first day with full hookups in a month. We stopped to replace our cell phone at Verizon, and catch up on laundry.
Posted by Hello

Monday, August 09, 2004

A flurry of Blogging

Greetings all! Welcome to the frenzied world of blogger updates. I'm working hard on a writing deadline and have to post when my brain unkinks occasionally. Hence, the line of posts from the same!

Our "comments" links have been broken and sad for a while, but today was the day of healing!
Be sure you post a word now and then. We're happy to answer your questions too.

Our Consulting link is now on our home page. Read how we can help if you're trying to figure out this world we live in! We're chock full of great ideas on how you can make your RV dreams a reality.

Folks are always asking how to make a living on the sure you check out our Road to Freedom page. The AWAI programs just could be the answer for some of you. It's working for us! (that's why I'm BUSY right now!)

We'll be in Florence a few more days...then on to Eugene...then on to Bend...THEN on to Kansas...Washington D.C. .....Delray Beach, Florida....stay tuned.

Darlingtonia...the plant with an appetite for life

Across from the Elk's Lodge outside of Florence, there's a wooded wayside. I always thought the name "Darlingtonia" referred to the park. But it's the plants IN the park. We took a walk on the wild side and met up with the gang.

These cobra-like plants are pretty unique little fellows. They lure insects with those pointy "tongues", who then crawl into the hood for a sweet treat. Once there, they are confused by the many little "windows" of light. Can't find their way out...and down the hatch they go. They fall down the thick tubular stem into a pool of digestive enzymes. Never to be seen or heard from again...except for an occasional muffled burp from the guys. Posted by Hello

An Army of Darlingtonia...I swear these guys were changing position when I wasn't looking. Hope they don't decide to turn on us. Posted by Hello

The Keeper of the Light

The classic lighthouse of the Oregon Coast...Heceta Head. When we first started RVing we gave tours here. Posted by Hello

Here's the longer view... Posted by Hello

What more can you say about the Oregon Coast? It's a special place. This is just north of Florence, where it reached an unbelievable 92 degrees on Sunday! Posted by Hello

Where In the World is Rusty?

Rusty gets to go soooo many places! We'll feature him in his "work clothes" from time to time. He's a lucky fella, because he never gets left behind. Posted by Hello

(See answer below!)

Saturday in Winchester Bay, Oregon

The marina at Winchester Bay has a number of choices for your stay. This is the full hookup park. The sites are wide, beautiful views on both sides of the park. Can you see the big tanker in the distance? If you look hard enough you can see the tiny speck of foam on a wave at the mouth of the harbor.

It's not cheap...between $25 and $30 a day, and you'll probably need reservations waaaay ahead of time if you're planning on August or September. We're not staying here...but it's a beautiful park. Nice walking path all around the peninsula where the park's located, by the water all the way. And can stay in the "cheap seats" across the way and have the same view...and walk the same path! Posted by Hello

The "Cheap Seats" at Winchester Bay

Ron's a sucker for old wooden boats, big blue water, and RV's. This view's from the boondocking side...the full hookup park operated by the marina is what's across the way. Posted by Hello

Pretty nice boondocking, yes? $10 a day, or $160/month "inside" spaces, about $180 a month on the water. Restroom, pay showers, water, and dumpsite at the end of the parking lot. Posted by Hello

Sunday, August 01, 2004

Read About How We Use Alternative Energy!

There's a new link on our home page....enjoy!

Paws for some cleaning...Florence, Oregon

One Stop Washing...note small door to extreme right. It's our first ever in our travels, do it yourself...PET WASH! Now, if only they had washers & dryers. Actually, right across the road is another "one stop". We saw a combo where you could work up a sweat..."Curves"+Laundermat+Pay Showers. Posted by Hello

Rusty getting washed and waxed. Posted by Hello

"Ron washed my face off!" Giant Pomeranian? Tina captures the action shot of Turbo-Dog having an after-bath shake out. Posted by Hello

Hmmm....who had the bath here? Posted by Hello

There's No Place Like It....

The only problem with driving the Oregon Coast need to stop every few miles. Posted by Hello

South of Coos Bay, Oregon. One of the abundant places to stop and admire the spectacular views. Posted by Hello

Saturday, July 31, 2004

The Eye of the Beholder

Well now...this is exciting! We're going to start posting photos. And they really ARE taken by Ron (mostly). Don't ask me how he does it...he is constantly amazing me.

Ron's legally blind. He has very low vision. You know the bad joke..."blind in one eye and can't see out of the other"? That actually describes Ron's vision pretty accurately. Somehow his brain works at filling in the blanks, and he takes the picture. Pretty cool!

By the way, you can email us at, or
We love to hear from you! Posted by Hello

Inner Vision

Oregon Coast Late Afternoon....not bad for a blind guy! Introducing Ron's "Inner Vision Digital Photography". Posted by Hello